Who We Are:

     We are a networks of people who firmly believe in the POWER of PRAYER. PrayerWORKS International is integral in meeting the individual needs of people, corporate prayer needs of organizations, our local communities, and global needs of our world.

Why We Exist:

     We exist to give hope, strengthen faith, and activate the POWER of GOD in our lives. our global intercessors are continually in communication with GOD through a prayer life to uplift and petition GOD on behalf of all people.



Prayer is simply communication with God.

There is nothing tricky or complex about prayer.

You do not have to speak a certain language or follow

a certain “protocol” to talk with your Heavenly Father.

Prayer is a form of worship, therefore there is a requirement:

You must be completely honest with God about EVERYTHING!

     Jesus taught us in the Word of God saying, ” God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” (John 4:23-24)

     Be totally candid and open to God when you speak to Him and you will be able to hear Him clearly speak back to you.



Prayer is simple -

It consists of three things:

1. You talk to God
2. God talks back to you
3. You see progressive results in your life.

     Prayer is not a “quick fix” or slot machine to get “stuff”. Prayer is a serious form of communication, created by God to establish, maintain and strengthen your relationship with Him.

     As a result of this growing relationship, you will begin to see things happen in your life, whether it be through healing, financial increase-(jobs, cars, etc.), family restoration or just a peace of mind and understanding that you never had before.

How Does Prayer Work?


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